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Offsite Backup


PCRx Storage Solutions ™ is pleased to offer an unparalleled offsite storage solution to our valued customers. Our fully managed offsite backup solution provides peace of mind, and is backed up with the best guarantee in the industry. Simply put – if your computer fails not only are you backed up remotely, but both soft and physical hard drive recovery is offered at no cost to machines covered by an offsite agreement.

As an industry leading data recovery provider, PCRx Storage Solutions ™ knows first-hand that there is only one way to guarantee your data is protected: Automation and auditing.

PCRx Storage Solutions ™ has a simple mission: Provide the premier online data backup solution to our clients. With an industry first, Data Backup Audits, PCRx Storage Solutions ™ will guarantee that the documents you're using every day are the same documents you're backing up every night.