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Business Managed IT in Richmond, VA

We keep your critical information technology systems protected to keep your business running.

Are you prepared for the following:
Damage from fire, flood, or theft
Backup not working
Major service problems
No email access
Losing data
Downtime from IT issues
Virus attacks
With our Managed Continuity Services program you will be. We custom design, implement, and monitor a comprehensive program to ensure the integrity of your information technology hardware and data.

Availability Monitoring

Anti-virus and malware protection
Connectivity monitoring
Scheduled back-up
Regular system status reports
Health checks


Recovery Management

  • Data restoration
    Archival services
    Continuity services
    Vulnerability management
    Virus and malware management

Systems Risk Consulting

  • Quarterly risk audit
Our Managed Continuity Services program has been developed toward the needs of our small and medium sized business clients. We design and configure the system with the service(s) you need at the pace you're comfortable with. Whether it's a single part or a full, integrated solution consisting of monitoring, recovery, and risk analysis. Once the setup, which is quickly accomplished on location or remotely, is done the system is easy to use with no prior experience necessary. The program is affordable with just a small monthly fee per workstation.
  • Before:

    “Our back-up didn’t work and I lost access to an important customer email”

    “Our office was flooded, resulting in no access to IT for several days. This has a massive impact on our sales ”

    “When our server goes down the whole office grinds to a halt, meaning lost revenue”

  • After:

    “Back-up is done automatically, which saves me the stress and worry about accessing vital files”

    “We’re now prepared for any major IT issue – whatever the cause – and have constant access to email and our data”

    “Quarterly risk reports, archiving and a speedy recovery service mean downtime is no longer a threat to our business”