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Managed Access Controls

We keep Richmond VA businesses and orgnaizations, their employees, and their client’s valuable IP and tangible assets safe.

PCRx Managed Access Controls

PCRx Access Control is a great way to improve security, keep track of employees coming and going, protect your facility, and make entry access distribution a breeze -- through commercial grade products. The systems we install are designed for extremely heavy use, resistant to weather, and can withstand daily abuse in high traffic areas. 

A broken lock puts your business at risk for theft. Our cutting-edge systems combine new technology and integrate in many cases with your existing infrastructure to offer enhanced security and peace of mind. 

PCRx Access Control provides safety for Richmond VA businesses and orgnaizations, their employees, and their client’s valuable IP and tangible assets.   As a registered Certified Paxton Partner, our technicians and installation professionals are fully factory trained to ensure the highest quality installation and explanation of the software, hardware, user permissions, and security settings. 

Commercial Grade Access Control In Richmond

Don’t settle for inexpensive and easily defeated locks.  Not only do our systems have the highest security rating in the industry, we have the latest technology. We combine video, 2-way audio, smart device app control, and even biometric devices to achieve cutting edge integrated security systems for access to everything in your organization’s purvey. Request high security, commercial-grade products for your business.  From anything as simple to a electronically activate door lock and unlock mechanism, to distributed smart technology – facial recognition, temperature checking kiosks, that can also tell if the person entering has a temperature AND is wearing a mask – PCRx Access Technology has you covered.  

Keyless Entry reduces the chance of lost keys and the associated hassle of having to get everything re-keyed.  We offer access tokens from smart cards, key fobs, peel and stick medallions for your smart phone, to smart token credentialing, which relies on your smart watch, or cell phone to open the door using a combination of NFR and Bluetooth technologies. You’ll never lose of forget your key again, when your phone is your key. We offer video with 2 way audio to screen individuals requesting entry to your facilities.  

Access Control Products Include:
  • Easy to Use Management Portal for Distributed Access

  • Proximity Readers

  • Key Pad Locks

  • Smart Locks

  • RFID Tags and Key FOB

  • Biometric / Scan Based Token Entry

  • Nearfield and RFID for Smart Phone Access

  • Badge Readers

  • Peepholes/Electric Video Monitoring

  • Electronic Push Button Locks

  • Keyless Entry Systems

  • Touch Padlocks

  • Door Buzzer Systems

  • Aiphone Systems

  • Gate Controls Even for Rural and Remote Areas with Limited Network Access